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Our Mission

Mangrove envisions being a leading developmental NGO that will position itself at the cutting edge of development policy discourses that affect rural farmers’ livelihoods with primary focus on advocacy on climate change, afforestation, food and nutritional security, use of ICT in agriculture and cross cutting areas such as gender, health and education through an integrated approach.
The NGO will facilitate sustainable agricultural practices that will encourage the youth to actively participate in agriculture.

Our mission is to give a face-lift to rural livelihood diversification activities in Ghana through farmer empowerment, provision of technical backstopping, advocacy, policy, research and extension support to agrarian rural and coastal communities, civil society groups, traditional authorities, government institutions and the private sector to ensure inclusive and integrated development and management of Ghana’s natural resource and marine ecosystems. Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is at the forefront of our development objective.

Guiding principles and values

Mangrove’s vision and mission are anchored in the following values and principles, which are held to be true and self-evident
• That all actions on livelihood restoration or diversification projects should be evidence-based.
• That the concerns of stakeholders especially grassroot members, the voiceless, disabled and marginalized in society should be respected in drawing up programs and projects
• That the programs of Mangrove should not discriminate directly or indirectly against any person or group of persons on the basis of race, tribe, gender, social status, age, opinion and religious affiliation.
• That all programs promote an integrated approach towards mitigating the negative effects of climate change.
• That all action should conform to acceptable ethical standards
• That all employees and associated staff should be treated with utmost respect and dignity.