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Who we are

The name mangrove represents different categories of large trees and shrubs which grow in saline coastal environment in the tropics and sub-tropics. Mangroves are salt tolerant trees that are adapted to survive in harsh coastal conditions. The NGO is a local national NGO based in a tropical country Ghana just as the name suggests.

Mangrove growth in water represents life. The NGO therefore seeks to make life meaningful and fulfilling for anyone regardless of sex, racial background, ethnicity, age, colour and social status. Mangrove is a developmental NGO with primary focus on climate change , afforestation, food security, gender, use of ICT in agriculture and health.

The NGO supports small scale farmers to increase their agricultural productivity and to approach farming as a business. The NGO embarks on livelihood diversification activities to reduce the risk from engaging in one farm enterprise. The NGO further undertakes programmes targeted towards achieving food security as well as encouraging good farming systems that lessen effects of climate change. This is done by specifically promoting Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA).
The NGO also encourages farmers to recognize and fully tap into the potentials of the agricultural value chain for specific agricultural commodities. The NGO has been working with small scale farmers since 2008 but formally registered with the Registrar’s General Department in February, 2016 with registration number CG009612016 and C0006182852.

Based on an established working relationship with farmers the NGO emanated as an initiation of grass root farmer engagements in the 6 coastal districts in the Western and the Volta regions of Ghana. The name Mangrove came about as a result of farmers indicating that they needed a name that represents their interest and aspirations in protecting the mangrove as part of broader initiatives towards mitigating the negative effects of climate change. Farmers therefore contacted professional leaders to manage a not for profit organization.

There is grassroots’ participation and involvement in the creation and running of the NGO. Because the NGO is borne out of farmers own initiative sustainability of intended projects and programmes are highly assured. Mangrove therefore seeks to empower farmers and make them a voice to reckon with in development discourse and project implementation.


• Work with partner institutions to develop and promote sustainable rural livelihoods and food security.
• Identifying vulnerability to and addressing the negative impacts of climate change on natural, coastal and marine resources in Ghana.
• Contribute to agricultural policy formulation and implementation in Ghana.
• Ensure that gender considerations are an integral part of the design and implementation of livelihood programs by Mangrove.
• Build the capacity of other stakeholders in the effective design, administration, implementation and evaluation of projects that achieve these objectives.